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Joint target pose issue when additional axis is synchronized


I am simulating a SCARA robot (that I custom modelled) to which a rotary table is synchronized as an additional axis (1 axis).
Whenever I set a Joint Target (nested into the robot base reference frame) and then I save the station, exit and re-open the station, the target pose appears to be changed. However, if I click on the target the robot goes to the target as I set it originally without displaying any error (but the target appears in an another position). If I do the same routine (save, exit and re-open) but without synchronizing the additional axis, this issue doesn’t occur and the target pose doesn’t change when I re-open the station. I attached an image showing the issue (left: target pose as I set it and saved it, right: target pose after exiting and re-opening the station).

Thanks for your help

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Can you provide the RDK project file? We can help you better.
Dear Mr. Albert,
I sent you a private message with the file.

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