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Joints() function response frequency


I am currently working on a project which involves a KUKA KR 210 150-L robot. I am using a python script to monitor the position of the robot with the robot.Joints() function in RoboDK. I would be interested in knowing if the frequency in which the Joints() function reads the joints from the robot can be somehow controlled. In a simulated environment I have reach frequencies of over 1000 Hz, but when I connect RoboDK to the real robot the frequency drastically drops to 20-60 Hz. Is there a way to increase  the frequency in which Joints() returns the joints of the robot? Or is there any other solution to monitor the position of the robot accurately during the whole process?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Javier Moreno
Hi Javier,

Did you read this thread?

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Hi Jeremy,

that anwers my question. Thank you!


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