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KUKA_API connection timeout


I'm trying to use a python TCP server as a middle man between my pc and my KUKA robot when doing online programming, so I can filter out commands such as "Extrude" to send to my external extruder. I'm having an issue where the connect button within the "connect to robot" tab times out with connection errors.

The planned layout is below:

RoboDK PC <----> Python TCP Server  <----> KUKA Robot

I know that simply going from RoboDK to the robot works fine, but the issues arise with the connection when using the TCP server to forward the information back and forth between the two. I believe it may be due to the socket communications open in the python server to send the data not being closed once the data has been returned from robot to RoboDK causing it to time out. 

I have compared the data being sent to the robot and the data that the robot sends back using WireShark, and they are identical regardless of whether I use the Python server or not, as it's just being forwarded. Which makes me think its a communication issue.

Is the above the case here? and is there a way I can fix this? I don't have access to the, only the exe file so I cant check how it validates the connection being good or not.

If you are able to explain to me how the roboDK interface knows when the connection is complete (i.e. does it close the connection?)  that would be great. I have attached the TCP server code I am using as well as some images of the log of the RoboDK interface and code output.

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