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KUKA Joint Velocities


Kuka differentiates between translational and orientational velocities in a Continuous-Path (e.g. linear) motion. When using the setSpeed() command and the KUKA KRC2 postprocessor the joint speed input sets the rotational speed of the Continuous-Path Motion. Thus, from my understanding there is currently no predefined function to change the joint velocity for a Joint/ a PTP motion. Is this correct? What other way would I have to change the velocity of the PTP motions (KUKA command $VEL_AXIS[])? "RunInstruction("$VEL_AXIS[1]=50", INSTRUCTION_INSERT_CODE)"?

Thank you!
Your suggestion of using RunInstruction to insert code in your generated program is a valid option if you are using the API:

robot.RunInstruction("$VEL_AXIS[1]=50", INSTRUCTION_INSERT_CODE)

On the other hand, you can customize the post processor to generate the code you would like to have for joint speed changes. For example, to customize the behavior of setting the joints you could edit the KUKA KRC4 post processor by adding this function inside the main class:
    def setSpeedJoints(self, speed_degs):
        """Changes the robot joint speed (in deg/s)"""
        # Set the real joint speed:
        for i in range(6):
            self.addline('$VEL_AXIS[%i] = %.5f' % (i+1, speed_degs))
        # Set the pose orientation
        # self.addline('$VEL.ORI1 = %.5f' % speed_degs)
        # self.addline('$VEL.ORI2 = %.5f' % speed_degs)

You'll find more information and useful examples here:
Great, thank you! :)

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