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  • 5 issues with LIN movement generation

While generating a CNC program I noticed that my LIN motions would cause an error when run on my Kuka 500 KRC4.

The post processor would crop speeds below 1 m/s to 0 in the fold.  I changed the formatting in:

line 297    from %sVel=%.0f  to  %sVel=%.3f

         and from     5,%.0f,     to  5:%.3f, 

line 301    from (#CP_PARAMS,%.0f)  to (#CP_PARAMS,%.3f)

Saving these changes made CNC programs run smoothly.  Perhaps these changes can be made to the post processor for downloads.

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for this suggestion.
We'll apply these changes to the default KUKA_KRC4_DAT post processor in our next release next week.


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