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KUKA Robot Machining and Spindle Tool Axis

I am trying to set up RoboDK to reflect our tool setup for machining using our KUKA robot.  Our spindle is calibrated in the KUKA manner, with the spindle and cutting tool aligned with the X axis of the tool frame, not the Z.  How do I set up RoboDK (or an individual machining operation) to take that into account so that the machining setup properly orients the tool?

Is it some combination of the "Path to tool offset", "Frame offset" and "Tool offset" in the machining configuration?  Does it have anything to do with the "Default tool X axis orientation" in the RoboDK CAM options?

Or is there no way to use RoboDK's machining setup if the spindle axis is the X axis of the tool frame?  For compatibility with other software tools (and KUKA's own logic) I need to keep tool frame as is.

Thanks for any guidance.
You probably need to enter a Tool offset to properly account for your customized tool orientations.

For example, if you define the Z axis of the tool (blue axis) like a CNC (Z axis pointing towards the inside of the spindle), you could add a 180 deg rotation around the X axis to make it match RoboDK's default setup (Z axis pointing towards the outside of the spindle). See attached image.

If the cutting axis of your tool is the X axis you may want to have a rotation around the Y axis (+90 or -90 deg).

We can help you better if you can share your RDK project file.

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