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KUKA: SetRPM() external Program call

Hi Guys
Have a Question about Kuka- Programming.
Milling Robot Kuka Kr210 Krc2 ed.05, Software 5.6.6.
How i can make the Sub-Program for analog Out (0-10V) in KRC for RPM Milling Spindle.
RoboDK declared for Spindle RPM the external Program- Call „SetRPM()„
At Example, the Program- Call is „SetRPM(8000)“.

Question 1: How i can make a external Sub- Program in KRC „SetRPM()“ so that this recognizes the Variable (8000). This RPM can be 2000 or 18‘000.
Sub-Program SetRPM() i have decl. in the Config.dat. 

Question 2: How can make the Analog Output Call? I think with SWITCH- and Case- Calls for different RPM or is there a Forula?

Thank you for Inputs and best Regards
Hi Chris,

With the KUKA KRC controller you can create functions that allow you to pass variables by adding varname:IN in the function definition. You could also apply a formula to convert the input RPM to an analog value. 

For example, from 0-5V using analog output 1, where 5V is 18000 RPM:
DEF SetRPM(rpm:IN)
REAL rpm
$ANOUT[1] = rpm*5/18000

See attached screenshot from the KUKA Expert Programming manual.

Thank you very much Albert, as always great!
Thats the Solution.

Have a nice Weekend,

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