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KUKAbridge not starting. QTlibrary issue?


I have a Kuka KR 50 on port 7000. 
I followed the C3 server setup on the KRC4 Controller and confirm the ip is able to be pinged.

On the client machine where I'm running RoboDK, I try connecting via IP and seems to never initiate the KUKAbridge. (Picture attached)

I tried to run KUKAbridge via cmd and received this message. "Cannot mix incompatible Qt library (5.15.10) with this library (5.15.1)"

I was developing a Qt application about a year ago, unrelated to RoboDK... is this something related to a system PATH issue? 

I should mention, I have PATH set to C:\RoboDK\bin
Hi distantkitty,
What version of RoboDK do you use?
(02-06-2023, 02:14 PM)Dmitry Wrote: Hi distantkitty,
What version of RoboDK do you use?

I'm using v5.5.3.23034-Release date 2023-01-18 (64-bit) on Windows 10. 
I was able to get KukaBridge to work on a fresh install of Windows, so I'm very suspect it's something in my environmental PATH with Qt

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