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Kawasaki Post Processor not working?
Dear RoboDK staff,

I generated a program with RoboDK for a Kawasaki robot, but when I loaded it on the real robot it didn't work. 

At the beginning I thought to a connection problelm, but then I noticed that the final code generated by the Kawasaki post processor didn't match the "typical" Kawasaki AS language (commands like "MOVE TRANS" are unexpected). Is this a bug? In this case, can it be fixed somehow? (The Kawasaki Post Processor doesn't seem to be editable by the user)

Thank you

Dear Federico,
We do not officially support Kawasaki robots yet as we do not have the post processor for these robots. We will soon have the Kawasaki post processor for offline programming with our default installer. If you own a RoboDK license we can add the post processor for you. Alternatively, you can add the post processor yourself. The following tutorial might be of help:
The Kawasaki post processor was updated and is working 3 months ago.

If you want to customize your post processor there is more information about RoboDK post processors here:

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