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Kawasaki X and Y axes are wrong

When dropping the Kawasaki RS003N robot into the work space, the X and Y axes are swapped from how the robot actually moves in BASE using the pendant.
When modifying the base frame in RoboDK, I cannot get the robot to go to the correct positions when the robot program is created and transferred.

Bob C.
You can customize the rotation of the base by following these steps:
  1. Double click the robot
  2. Select Parameters
  3. Adjust the Base frame. In this case, you may need to change the 90 deg rotation around the Z axis shown in the image attached.
Contrary to most robot models, some Kawasaki robots have the base frame with this rotation. Can you confirm?
Albert, Thank You. The base is rotated 90 Deg. +X is to the right & +Y is forward (from the rear of robot).

Thanks for letting us know. I believe the we we currently have it set in our library is the way you describe:

Can you confirm if the official version is different from what you experience with your robot?

If you are opening a file directly from your browser to RoboDK, make sure to delete your local copy in C:/RoboDK/Library/.
The Kawasaki-RS03N was not in my library file.
Changing the Rot Z parameter corrected the X-Y axes being 90 degrees off.
Now the positive/negative direction of X needs to be reversed. Can't seem to figure that out.
Do you mean that the first image I uploaded shows the correct coordinate system for the base?

If not, do you mean the Z axis is pointing down?
The image is correct. Changing the base parameter for [Rot Z] to 90.0 from -90.0 made the X axes +/- match (RoboDK to Kawasaki).
The "Joint Axis Jog" feedback values for X shows a negative value when the robot is actually in positive territory.
The taught targets of the RoboDK seem to send the robot to the correct positions now.

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