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Keep the tool normal to a curved surface of a Gcode file

We have been using RoboDK with a large ABB arm to do some different 3D printing experiments, but there is one thing that we cannot seem to figure out (and not sure if it's possible). We have a curved surface (shown) from a Gcode file that we import as an NC file, and we want to get the tool to be normal to this surface. Currently, the tool is always upright. I've seen the videos of doing this with the curve path input, but is there a way to do it with gcode? 

[Image: B7wYBTC.jpg]
Hi woodsbs,

Hope you are well. 
G-Code, in itself, includes the orientation of the tool. Seems like your CAM (Machining) software is creating 3-axis G-Code. In this case, the orientation is normal to the XY plane of the machining frame.
If you want the orientation to be normal to the surface, you need to create 5-axis G-Code. 
I'm not aware of a way to improve 3-axis G-Code to 5-axis G-Code.  

@Albert : Can you confirm?

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