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Kinova gripper

Hi everybody

I use robodk for several weeks and It is great.

We have a kinova robot with a robotiq F85 gripper.

I can simulate everythink thanks to the webinar on mechanism.

Now, preparing an exercice for students, i would like to use the gripper inside my program.

I see a GripperPosition inside that i would like to insert in the program in robodk (no problem to use it with python and kortex).

Can i have any hints?

Thank you

I advance in my search but i need always some help.
I am working under linux ubuntu 20.04.
Is it possible to have the file bin/v38/ in order to customize my send to our kinova gen 3. It will allow us to prepare a great practice for our student with robodk and kinova robot.
Thank you
PS: I join my simple station to test the gripper. Everything is fine except i can't manage the gripper via apikinova driver.

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