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Kinova post-processor output completely non-functional

***Posted to the wrong forum: The following is a RoboDK Bug.

The Python code generated by the Kinova post-processor for the Gen3 series isn't even roughly correct.

The wrong Python modules are imported.
Classes are instantiated that don't exist and aren't distributed with Kortex API.
The code crashes due to incorrect variable names/references.
The Kortex API is used incorrectly - generated method names are unrelated to the Kortex API.

The code doesn't even fail gracefully if it can't connect to the robot.

I have confirmed that the problem is the post-processor itself by reviewing the post-processor code.  It looks like someone spent 30 minutes starting to port another post-processor to Kinova then gave up at the 20% completion mark.

Using RoboDK version 5.2.2.
You are right, our official post processor and driver for Kinova are not working. We've done some improvements that we need to test on a real robot.

I noticed you sent us a support request by email. I'll get back to you by email with our latest versions. We look forward to troubleshooting this with you next week and we hope to have a working driver and post processor next week.

Thank you,


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