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Kuka Axis-Angle to Pose


I would like to use online programming for moving a robot from one point to another. Let's say I have N points in the array where every point is coded as a 6-axis-angle ($AXIS_ACT Kuka system variable). Is there any way to directly convert this angles to the robot pose matrix (as robot.Pose())?

Thank you in advance!
Yes, this is possible. You can use SolveFK to calculate the forward kinematics (robot pose given robot joints) and SolveIK to calculate inverse kinematics (robot joints given the robot pose.

robot_joints = [...] # robot axis such as AXIS_ACT
# Calculate the robot flange with respect to the robot base
flange_pose = robot.SolveFK(robot_joints)
# Calculate the pose of the active tool with respect to the active reference frame
target_pose = robot.SolveFK(robot_joints, robot.PoseTool(), robot.PoseFrame())

# Convert the pose to KUKA XYZABC format (6D array/list):
kuka_xyzabc = Pose_2_KUKA(target_pose)

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