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Kuka KRC2 post

Hi all.. I have the educational version of RoboDK and a kuka kr150-L110 milling robot. 
The posts that exist already within robodk generate programs but on the robot i get compilation or syntax error with all of them. I tried to edit the posts but i cant edit any one.
Does anyone have a post for krc2 that works 100%?
Do you have the latest version of RoboDK, RoboDK 5.2.5? Can you share the snapshots of the error? If possible, also your station.
You can contact us via for the post processor.
I have the 5.2.4. I can send you the setup and the errors from the controller and also photos of the setup. Do you want here or should i send all of it in the contact form?
I recommend updating RoboDK. You can send the snapshots here or through the contact form.

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