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LAN communication with ABB robot

Hello everyone!

I'd like to connect a ABB IRB 1600-7/1.45 robot with robotDK. I found the ip adress of the robot in the system information section on the flex pendent. When i try to connect to the robot, the ping function says it was succsessful, but the while trying to connect it does not want to connect.

My questions are:

- do i need to connect to the IRC5 controller via the service port (just like it is used with Robotstudio software)?
- is the failure to connect due to the incorrect port (i do not know the correct one, so i use the defult 2000 port number)?
- might the problem be that the robot is not the same as the on in roboDK software (we have a IRB 1600-7/1.45, but the software only has the IRB 1600-6/1.45 and IRB 1600-8/1.45)?

Thank you for your help
Did you load the RoboDK driver module on your ABB IRC5 controller?

Contact us to obtain this module. RoboDK supports TCP/IP and serial communication.

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