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Dear all,

I´m trying to connect with LEICA AT-402 Laser Tracker, it seems that connect correctly and I´m able to initialize the instrument, when I click the butom "MEASURE" on the Laser Tracker connection interface, appears the following message on the log:


When I tried to realize a calibration with Base Setup and you start the measure, appears the following window


But 1 second later on the tracker connection interface, shows the reflector position. if you click retry, the measurement appears on the CSV file. It seems that the tracker need more time to get the measure.

Is any solution for this?

Thanks in advance
Hi Jon,

Are you using the latest version of RoboDK? I believe we fixed these issues a while ago.

If you see this issue with the latest version you can try changing the measurement profile using the Command button. You can also customize different measurement profiles with the Leica tracker software and when you use your tracker with RoboDK it will suggest commands to use those measurement profiles. You can also try sending the SAMPLES 100 command which should take fast measurements.

Let us know if you still have issues, we would need the complete log to better troubleshoot.


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