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Laser Stripping


I perform laser stripping on parts with a 3D file representing the part as input data. Using a 3D software that represents the part, we add the area to be stripped. Then a program controls the robot so that the angle of the laser beam and the distance between the part and the laser head are always the same.
For example, stripping half the circumference of a ball with a 5 mm wide beam. This requires several back and forth movements to strip the entire required area.

So I created my station, built my half ball and generated the path to be traveled by the laser attached to a UR10.

The questions that arise:

Is there a way to avoid collisions (I tried to check the "avoid collisions" box see attached image)?

How can I change the orientation of the laser (the angle of attack of the laser so that it does not deteriorate)?

N.B : you will find my project in the attachment.            
.rdk   LaserStripping2.rdk (Size: 3.41 MB / Downloads: 304)

Thanks in advance,

Best regards.

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