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Laser Time of Flight Sensor Simulation

Hi everyone, 

I am trying to simulate the time of flight sensor in RoboDk to measure the depth of a point to a reference frame.
A visible idea is to use the Laser SICK WL4S sensor as an object, and then find the collision point of the laser line with the targeted object as shown below. This is by using the [b]Collision_Line(p1, p2, ref) [/b]function as shown below.
The problem is with the output of the collision_line() function is incorrect. It gives a collision point of [50,50,492.067] that describes the intersection between line and sensor, where it should give [50,50,100] that is the intersection between line and cube, all in the Station Frame. 

Any idea what I am doing wrong? Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

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That is a nice use of the Collision line Method.
It seems your line is colliding with your sensor before colliding with the box. 

Remember the Pose of your sensor is based on the object reference of your object. (You can right click on the object and set visible object frame)


Try using p1 = [0,20,-10] and p2 = [0,20,-700] or  better yet, the accurate coordinate where the sensor starts according to your object reference.
Hi Alex,

Great, thank you so much. That makes sense.
I will test it and hopefully, it works.

Thank you

Works perfectly!!

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