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Hello RoboDK staff,
I may be interested in buying a license for your software. For this reason I would like to ask if you could tell me exactly all the limits of the trial version with respect to a “full” one.
I would also like to ask if this software has particular hardware requirements (RAM, Processor, Graphic card etc) when it has to handle with big CAD geometries / big projects (I would like to import "heavy" CAD files, several MB, generated with Autodesk Inventor).
Thank you
Hello Federico,

The trial license has most features unlocked for 30 days. After 30 days you will still be able to use RoboDK for simple projects, for example, simulating 1 robot and generating 30 lines of code at most. Non commercial licenses should not be used for production purposes.

How big are you CAD files? What format are you using?
If you have trouble importing large files you can change the following settings in RoboDK to speed up import and simulation:
Tools->Options->CAD: uncheck all options and increase the linear/angular/curve accuracy to 4 mm/deg or higher.

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