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License managment for remote teaching

My initial plan to install RoboDK on lab machines is now out the window as we are now teaching remotely. So my question is how does the license file work for remote teaching.

Should I install RoboDK on specific lab machines and allow students to remote desktop in (hoping there's no graphics issues)?

Should I install RoboDK on the network (whatever that means... will require campus IT on this) and allow students to remote desktop in?

Should I allow students to install RoboDK on their own computers? If so, what will happen next semester?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
It is better if you contact us by email and we'll give you a way to generate temporary licenses for your students each semester. I'm sorry we took so long to get back to you.

RoboDK should work on any computer nowadays. A dedicated graphics card is not required. Also, make sure you have graphics card drivers installed and updated (this is not always the case with new computers).

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