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License renewal gone bad

I renewed my RoboDk license today, the confirmation email says:
'This is a subscription license, valid until 1970-Jan-01'

this has to be a bug

The title bar on the RoboDK application says: LICENSE EXPIRED

I cut and paste the server code as-is following instructions. Things were working before the renewal, but now I'm stuck with limited ability,

I sent you an email
Thank you for the temp license.

I am begginer in RD program.
Plese could you help me with license?
I am tring to use RD. But there is no possible to save project afte 30days/Free.
There is available Educational licence, but I am not student.

Please, does exist way to us free licence longer than 30 days or use EDUCATIONAL licence?

Many thanks for support.
I recommend you to contact us at with more information about your project and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

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