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Linear movements only and choosing start point for DXF2GCode


Is there a way to only use linear movements not circular moves? I have tried to reduce the length of the circular movements but I am getting very inaccurate results with curves and I am trying to nut it out. My robot does not use circular moves and it does straight lines very well.

Also I cant seem to be able to tell the DXF2GCode to start at a particular spot, I can set start from nearest but then it over that position and starts where it thinks id better. I am trying to make lead in's .

To convert circular movements to small linear movements when you generate your robot program you can change the following settings:
  1. Select Tools-Options-Program tab
  2. Set Minimum arc size (mm) to 1 mm
  3. Set Maximum arc size (mm) to 1 mm
See attached image:

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