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Lines movements issue

Hello, I need a help to change the LIN movement to joint movement or increase the lines length to decrease the path movement. Here are what I have tested so far and the result for each.
1- In the main code, I changed the orientation speed, the orientation type between VAR and constant and joint.
2- I changed the acceleration to the max.
3- in roboDK, I changed the output for linear movement but I got an error.
4- I changed the min and the max values for step size between 0 and 10000, but nothing changes
kindly be noted, I have a huge number of lines and I need the movement to be smooth and fast, so far I made it to work but the speed is limited up to 50 mm/s which is very slow to my application.
For your kind support. Thanks.
The robot model is KUKA krc2 and the design of the work piece can't be changed. 
Thank you so much.

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