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Hi i make a machining projet using fusion 360 the path comme with a lot of small segment and the robot is very slow when it come to those line, can we reduce the number of those segment when importing the programme ?

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Hi IridiumCNC, 

Yes it's possible. 

In "Tools"->"Options"->"Program" you can find a "Minimum step size (mm)". 
You can change that setting according to your needs. 
Note that it will only affect the generated program, you won't see any difference in the simulation environment. 

Also, for fluid motion, you need to make sure to activate the "Rounding". 

in your Machining project, "Program Events" and increase the value of "Rounding". 

You can surely also set Fusion 360 in a way that its tolerance is higher, therefore producing less point in tight corners. 

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