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Machining project MoveL instruction for approach not posting properly

I have a machining project based on G-Code from Simplify3D.  I have added a Normal approach target at 100mm.  This generates a correct-looking MoveL instruction when the project is updated.  However, when I generate the robot program with the (unaltered) KUKA KRC2 post-processor, the resulting LIN instruction does not reflect the approach setting.  The 100mm Z offset is 0mm instead.  See the following images and attached RDK file.  Am I missing something?


Interestingly, when I add a second approach motion, the first one is posted correctly but the second one is not:


Attached Files
.rdk   CAP_KUKA_clay_extruder_nc_s3d.rdk (Size: 1.34 MB / Downloads: 396)
Hi Deisengard, 

This is not a bug. 
First, the move to Z = 0 is part of the G-Code generated by Simplify3D. 

You can see that from this print screen.

Second, before post-processing, RoboDK will filter points and remove any point exactly at the same position as another. Therefore, the "approach 100 mm normal" is replaced by the PTP to that exact same position but using the joint values. 

Have a great day. 

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