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Macro SprayOn call

Hello all,

I am new to RoboDK. When I double-click the SprayOn macro, it turns on/off and paints successfully. However, when I try to call SprayOn(1) and SprayOn(0) in the main program, it doesn't run. If I call the SprayOn(1)/SprayOn(0) a yellow arrow appier on SprayOn macro. What could be the problem?
Can you share your RoboDK project? (the RDK file)
(01-23-2024, 08:56 AM)Albert Wrote: Can you share your RoboDK project? (the RDK file)

Sure! I've attached the file.

Attached Files
.rdk   Tutorial Station.rdk (Size: 3.26 MB / Downloads: 59)
You have the option Run on robot active on your Main Program. When you run programs remotely using the driver, program calls are not executed within the station by default. You should simply right click your program and uncheck the option Run on robot.
Thank you! It works fine now.
Great! Thank you for your feedback.

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