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Make Tool look at point


I'm new to RoboDK and robots in general, and I got problems with orientation and rotation of the tool.
My task is to build a "simple scanner" for inspection. 
A Sensor is attached to a UR5e and I want to move the sensor to a number of points, to look at the target from different angles. Therefore, I need to move the arm to certain position and then orient the sensor, so that the (e.g.) X-Axes of the Tool Frame points at a fixed point. Moving to the point is no problem, but the rotation of the Tool gives me a headache. I tried calculating the necessary rotation angles, but they are somehow wrong.

I attached my current script. Does anyone know where my error lies in calculating the rotation, or is there a better approach to keeping a fixed focus on a point? I want to script the movement via python because in later stages of the project, I want to send trigger impulses when a point is reached and continue when the measurement is finished.

Thank you for your help
Can you attach the file again? I see no attachment.
Sorry, my bad. I think I didn't click "Add Attachment"

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I suggest you create a RoboDK program to handle the movements and then include python scripts inside the program to trigger the impulses.

If you really need it to be all inside a python script, you can read a position from the API and increment its values directly instead of re-calculating all the math behind the scene.
Are there examples you recommend for these approaches?
Is there a build in function to handle the orientation of the robot? The sensor we are using has a very narrow field of view and I need it to look exactly at the desired point. Therefore, manually adjusting each orientation is not an option. That is why I tried to calculate the orientation.

I come from a programming background and have a lot of experience with python, so this was more intuitive for me.
If I understand correctly, you want to move the camera around an object and have the camera precisely pointing toward the object at all time?

I suggest you create a TCP that is offset to the center of rotation of the needed movement and then use linear moves between targets to re-orient the camera where you need.

See the attached example.

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