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Make extruder commands come before movement commands


We are using robodk to convert gcode into RAPID code for our ABB robot. For extrusion, we have modified the standard ExtruderSpeed output to calculate and output G1 Exxx Fxxx commands to our duet3D board. This works as expected, however, we have run into an issue. If you want to extrude a 30mm line, the gcode might look something like this:

G1 X0 E0
G1 X30 E50

The issue is that robodk will then translate this to something like:

Where the extruderspeed command comes after the movement speed while what you really want is it for it to come before so it extrudes while moving. Is there a way to change this behaviour such that robodk will output:
? Thanks for your help!
Hi !!
Can you tell how you send the M codes to the 3D printer
Provide an upload program?

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