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MakeProgram - how to change the name & extension of the output file?

I'm generating robot program files via the RoboDK API using "MakeProgram". How do I change the name and the extension of the output file?

The code I use below outputs the program 'myProgram' as the file ''. I would like to change the filename to e.g. '' or 'myProgram_2.txt', without changing the name of the program itself:

from robolink import *    # RoboDK API
from robodk import *      # Robot toolbox
RDK = Robolink()

myProgramItem = RDK.Item('myProgram',ITEM_TYPE_PROGRAM) # Get the program item named 'myProgram'
myProgramItem.MakeProgram('',RUNMODE_MAKE_ROBOTPROG) # Export 'myProgram' to file.
I think you could do something like that before generating the program to change the name:


But for the extension, it's coded in the post-processor. 
So either you modify the post or you add a python command to your macro to get the file generated and change the extension. 100% sure it can be done.
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Thanks, that does the trick! Rename program, export file, then rename program back to its original name.


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