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Mass parameter input for calibration

My team is looking into ways to improve our calibration results. One aspect of the process we're wondering about is the mass parameter for each joint in each robot's calibrated parameter array. We noticed that the calibration process does not automatically populate those fields although it does populate the stiffness fields. Can the mass parameters be input into that array before running the calibration algorithm? Could this possibly improve calibrated accuracy?
You can enter the weight of each link in the Parameters menu of the robot. See the attaced image.


However, entering the mass is only useful if you are planning to later change the weight of the tool (or the robot arm). What I mean is that the mass and stiffness are always multiplying each other in the robot kinematics. Therefore, while the mass is a constant, the newly calculated stiffness allows you to change the mass to maintain a reasonably accurate model. Just make sure to not enter mass 0 for the Tool or the arm links as you'll be disabling the calculation of stiffness.

When you change the mass of the tool or the robot links, you can simply click on Recalculate (from the robot calibration menu) to update the robot parameters properly.
Thanks Albert, we've neglected to put non-zero mass for each joint segment before, but have put the tool mass in. We'll test out the joint mass inputs!
Great! Thanks for letting me know.

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