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Matlab Library

Hello guys!
I am trying to test a path for an ABB robot with the Matlab Library but I got this message: 
"License limitation.  Invalid license. API calls are not allowed."
I have the free version for windows, but the program was working with the version 1.x of RoboDK and now it is not working in version 2.x.
Do I have to buy the license to use the API?
Thank you for your help.
You should be able to use some features using the free/trial version, including the Matlab API. The main limit is that program generation is limited to 50 lines.

If the free version is not enough you can purchase a commercial or educational license. One commercial license is 2995$US and it includes one year support and updates. The price includes robot milling, welding, painting features as well as unlimited program generation. After the first year, support and updates can be purchased at 995$US/year. With educational licenses you only purchase support (995$US/year).

Send us an e-mail at if you need more information.

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