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Mecademic Adhesive Application Question

Hi All,

I am trying to find the "simplest" solution for a basic process sequence of adhesive application.

The tools I have set-up are a Mecademic Meca500 robot, a Legato syringe pump, an AB Micro820 PLC, and a laptop + ethernet cables.  The software I am using includes the Mecademic basic interface, RoboDK, SolidWorks, and the AB Connected Component Workbench.

With RoboDK and Solidworks, I have the Meca500 motion planned to trace a toolpath where adhesive needs to be dispensed.  Generated program works well when opened in the Mecademic app.  What I don't know how to do is get the robot to tell the PLC when it's reached the start of the toolpath, so the PLC can tell the pump to turn on, or off when the robot completes the toolpath.   Is this something I can use the Set IO function in RoboDK for?  Is the above toolset adequate, or am I missing something?

I am reasonably capable in Rockwell Studio-type ladder logic, but haven't worked much in STL.  My python skills are basic at best, i'm more of a cut-and-paste Python user than an experienced coder.

Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,


This is how I would do it :

1. Create 2 subprograms, one to set the output on and the other to set it off
2. Double click on the path setting->Program Events and put the subprograms on the path start and path finish.
3. Go to Tools->Options->Program and select Inline subprograms. Depth. This allow to generate all the program together on a single programs to include the IOs. 

You can also right-click on the program, click on Show instructions and add the set IO manually.

See the attached example.
Note: the GunStart and GunEnd script are just for visual.

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.rdk   FANUC - 3D Curve.rdk (Size: 945.21 KB / Downloads: 276)
Olivier, Thank You for this suggestion- very helpful, I wasn't aware of the set IO functionality in RoboDK. Hoping I will be able to try it out this week, and will reply with the results.

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