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Mechanism creation bug

Hello everyone,

I spotted a bug, when tried to create gantry system with '3-linear axes (H-bot)'. 
I chose base reference, and when it comes to 'base' and the 'joints' it changes my settings to the first item in the list of input models.
Here are some screens taken one after another:
[Image: 2019-04-05-1747.png]
[Image: 2019-04-05-1748.png]
My OS Windows 10, RoboDK 3.6.2.
We tried as well on MacOS with the latest RoboDK and got the same bug.
Hi Civgineer,

Can you send us the RDK file ?

Hello Jeremy,

I sent you a link in a private message
Hi Civgineer,

The file has been sent to our development team.
The situation has been taken in charge.

This issue has been fixed with the latest update:
Hello Albert,

Thank you for a quick bug fixing

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