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Merge subprograms so that the post processor creates one sigle file

Hi there,
I try to create a toolpoath for a trimming application. As we have a lot of requirements for tool approach and offsets and so on I use fusion 360 to create the toolpath.
Since it's a complex part to trim with many different orientations, I have to subdivide the toolpath in a view subprogramms to properly adjust the rot z. (Which by the way gives me a hard time, is there a more efficient way to do it?)
However I don't want to have the group of diffrent programs (6 in this example but could also be 30 or 40 for a bigger part) for the Robot, is it possible to merge or group the programs together so that we have one sigle script file?

Best Michael
Rightclick, "Hauptprogramm erstellen" in German
Tools->Options->Programs->Inline Subprogram

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