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Milling issue with bobcamcad and robodk

Hi everybody 
 Recently we try to operate  iuka robot with a turn table for milling  so after getting throw all the videos and the documentation available in the enternet i manag to add my setup in robodk environment 
I chose to work with bobcadcam for the toolpath generation but after loading the part and the toolpath to robo dk nothing worked as i expected  everything becomes in red (coll..unreachable...) besides the long time robodk take for processing the milling cod that bobcamcam generat
I'm stuck in this piont i don't know how to minimize the time to process my milling 
Is it possible if i change my cam software i could find better results
Could you please share your station so that we can have a look at it? 
If you don't want to place your station here, you can send a request to

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