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Missing Functions in C# API

Hello all, 

I am building an application in C# for additive manufacturing purposes connected with RoboDK.
The main purpose is to import a massive list of points (coordinates + orientations) and use external synchronized axis. 
In my point of view, I have two different ways to import what I want:

- Import points as poses;
- Use a machining/curve follow project;

In both a find different problems. By importing the points as poses, I cannot manage the external axis. By creating a curve follow project I cannot set the project parameters (say what curve I want to follow) because there are missing functions in C# API.

Right now I am thinking about creating an intermediate Python application that receives information from C# and send it to RoboDK, but I believe doing that the programme will run really slow.  

Can someone please help me?

Thank you in advance.


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