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Mitsubishi RV 2FR connection error


My teammate has a problem about connection with Mitsubishi RV 2FR driver as the attached photo shows.
The warning of connection status says  “receiving joint values exceeded the tolerance”.

There is no issue about "Get positions" and "Move joints" after connecting robot .
I hope someone could guide us how to solve this error.

Best Regards,
Hiroe Ota

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Hi Hiroe,

Can you validate if the joint limits of your robot in RoboDK match the joint limits of your real robot? You can double click on the joint labels.

We just made a small improvement to the Mitsubishi driver but I don't think this would be causing the issue.

If you still have issues, it would help you can provide the RDK file so we can reproduce this issue with Mitsubishi RT Toolbox.


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