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Mitsubishi post processor

Hello everyone.
I am trying to generate a program with Mitsubishi post processor but when there is a circular move involved to the program i am having an error that states that the variable POSE_LAST is not defined. This variable is being used for the first position of the circular move. I am not having this issue on other post processors because i think only Mitsubishi robotic arms need three points to make a circular move.
Before the circular move i have many linear moves and joint moves, so i believe that is not the issue .
My basic program is milling, and i have already tried a simpler program with a couple of linear and circular moves and the simulations works perfectly but the post processor is not. 
I would really appreciate if someone could try generating a program with Mitsubishi post processor and tell me what am i doing wrong or if there is something that i could change on the post processor so it would work properly.
Thank you.
There is a small bug with the current version of RoboDK as of today to generate programs for Mitsubishi robots. I attached the improved version of the post processor to properly support circular movements for Mitsubishi robot controllers. This issue will be fixed with our next release in 1 week maximum.

You should place this file in the RoboDK/Posts folder.

FYI: I'm moving this thread to the bugs section.

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Thank you very much

I am trying to do the same, and I used the new post processor that was posted here, and still the program complains about POSE_LAST. I curious about the fact that the Mitsubishi robot needs 3 positions to perform a circular movement, but on the function there are parameter for just two. Is that right or I am mistaken?

Thank you for your help.

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