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Model custom robot in simulation only while connected to different real robot

In my RoboDK station I have two robots: a UR10 robotic arm, which is connected to an actual UR10 arm in real life, and a custom 1-axis turntable mechanism, which exists only in the RoboDK station and has no real life counterpart. I would lie to be able to control the real UR10 by connecting it to the simulation, while simultaneously controlling the simulated turntable, however any time I try calling MoveJ() on the turntable mechanism while the real UR10 is connected, it throws an exception and does not move the turntable. This appears to be happening because MoveJ() always calls _check_status_() to check the status of the robot, but since the turntable only exists in the simulation, the status returned will always be "disconnected" (-1), causing the MoveJ to fail. Is there a way do a joint move without checking the status of the robot? This seems like something that should be possible, but I can't find any information about how to do it.
The issue seems to have resolved itself without any changes from me. I assume it was a known issue that was fixed in one of the more recent updates, which I installed after making my original post.

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