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Modeling a Custom Mechanism

I would like to model a custom mechanism and I am not sure if it is possible to do so using RoboDK.

- 3 linear axes
- 2 rotative axes, arranged like this

That whole thing looks similar to the attached image.

Is it possible to model such a mechanism in RoboDK? If so, which preset option in the "Build/modify mechanisms or robots" menu is the best starting point?

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It is currently possible to model mechanisms like a 5-axis CNC:

However, it looks like the rotative axes are not pependicular. This won't be easy unless you model each eaxis invidudually.

Can you send us the STEP files? We can try to better take a look at it.
Hi Albert,

The axes are indeed not perpendicular -- that is a key part of the wrist design. The angle of the two wedges affects the location of the singularity and where the most comfortable reachable pose is.

The STEP file is attached. I would recommend recreating mates to allow it to work properly. I have separately emailed a video of actuating the wrist axes in Solidworks as that may be more instructive.

I was able to get a first draft of a nutating wrist working in RoboDK (.robot, attached). However, this has limited use since I was unable to get gantry axes to work.

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.step   Nutating Wrist Example.STEP (Size: 374.33 KB / Downloads: 18)
.robot   nutating-wrist.robot (Size: 6.01 KB / Downloads: 27)
Thank you for sharing such detailed information. I'm moving this to the request new features section. We'll try to investigate better if we can add this as a single mechanism.

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