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Monitoring Robot TCP Values (Online)

Hello RoboDK Team,

I am trying to get the current TCP values of the Real robot in my python script. I have done the exact procedure as in

I connect to the robot (via the RoboDK userinterface), then I start my python script on the robot. After that I see the current TCP value because I print it to the status bar. As soon as I start my actual Program (Routine) that was created using the C++ API, the values from the Python script suddenly change to the Simulation values. I have tried different approaches as listed in the python examples but nothing works.

I am not going to move the robot in the Python script. I just want to simultaneously monitor the XYZ values of the Real Robot during the execution of another Program (Routine).

Am I doing something wrong?

I hope you can help me.

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You would need to modify the RoboDK Socket communication module to run it as a separate task. So you can run it in parallel without the need of moving the robot. In this case, you can run any program you want on the robot and read the position of the robot from RoboDK.

We can help you setup this module. You need to have the option to run multiple tasks in your ABB IRC5 controller and remove all motion commands.
Thank you for the advice but I think that would be a little too much for my understanding of the robot system.

I have found another way for my solution. I stop the program in order to synchronize the simulation with the real robot and then use the simulation values for my calculation.

One thing that I couldn't figure out yet is how to start a python script via the C++ API on the Real robot. The same thing that you can achieve when you right clickt the script and execute it on the Robot itself.

Is there something i missed on how to start it on the robot via C++ plugin?

Thanks in advance.

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