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Motoman MH180 Robot Configuration Discrepancy Upon Physical Execution

To Whom It May Concern,

When importing an NC path into RoboDK (i.e., through a Robot Machining Project) or creating a program in RoboDK (i.e., through targets and instructions), the robot configuration in RoboDK is NOT always consistent with physical execution on the robot, despite the generated robot program specifying the proper configuration (i.e., through the RCONF command). When executing paths on the MH180, the robot seems to choose only the most efficient configuration (i.e., the configuration closest to its current configuration); this is NOT always being shown in RoboDK.

Thank you
Can you provide the RDK project file?

You may need to right click the program and select "Recalculate Targets" so the configuration of each target is automatically calculated to match the simulated configuration. Otherwise, the joint configuration that was used when teaching targets may not match the final configuration is you change the coordinate system or the tool (TCP).


I have attached the RoboDK station used. The "Recalculate Targets" did not change anything in the created path. The targets are with respect to the robot's base frame, and the tool (& TCP) definitions are consistent (both of which do not change). The physical robot motion only picks the most efficient configuration time and time again; whereas, the RoboDK simulation shows the robot changing its configuration 8 times. This issue is still significant because of the discrepancy between the simulation and actual robot motion.

Thank you

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