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Move external axes with online programing


I have an external axes that i want to move with online programing.
my external axes and robot belong to YASKAWA Company.
Does anyone know if this is possible?

Thank you!
The RoboDK driver for Yaskawa/Motoman robots supports external axes. You can configure the order of the axes with the corresponding settings INI file of your driver. @Phillip can provide more insights about how this works.
After synchronizing the robot and the external axis in robodk, you may need to configure the driver's additional parameters

The file default location is:
The relevant variables to change are
ROBOT_CONTROL_GROUP/AXIS_EX_CONTROL_GROUP which is the motion group for the robot and external axis
and the variable
AXIS_EX_CONTROL_IS_BASE which needs to be set to true if one of the axes are a turntable because their motion data is handled separately from other external axes on the controller

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