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MoveL_Test does not catch a collision


I tried collision detection with "MoveL_Test" using python API. But it misses an obvious collision.
Maybe MoveJ_test would work for this but it must be a MoveL

I properly define my collision map, So i can see the collision in RoboDk simulation.

Could you please verify if this is a bug or I am missing something here?

Let me know if you need something to test it.
Can you provide a station and the code causing the error?

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here is the code i am using to detect the collision 

def collision (cible1,cible2,master_tool,resultat):
 tool_pose = master_tool.PoseTool()
 XYZABC = Pose_2_KUKA(tool_pose)
 x,y,z,a,b,c = XYZABC  
 rotation_sans_coll = []

 for el in resultat :
   new_tool_pose = KUKA_2_Pose([el[0],el[1],el[2],el[3],el[4],el[5]])
   new_tool_pose = master_tool.PoseTool()
   robot_joints = robot.Joints()
   can_move_linear = True
   issues = robot.MoveL_Test(robot_joints, cible1)
   can_move_linear = (issues == 0)
   if can_move_linear:
     joints_robot = robot.Joints()

This code is not enough for us to reproduce this issue with collision detection.

You probably need to customize tolerances for collision checking here:
  1. Tools-Options
  2. Select the Motion tab
  3. Reduce the Maximum path step in mm and deg. Maybe to 1 mm and 1 deg. These settings are Under Collision checking

Thank you so much it's working right now

I reduce the Maximum path step in mm and deg to 1mm and 1deg

I change the option in my station and now the program catch the collision

but while doing the collision test, all robot's Joints are set to 0, this wasn't happening before with the other configuration

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