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Mover6 robot ROBODK integration


i am currently working on integrating a MOVER6 robot into ROBODK with Doncaster college.

the cad files are available through your library but i need to put in some work to get it useable.

just a bit of background into what I've been looking into and the set up of the arm.

- the mover 6 uses a PCAN- USB device to connect to a PC, this adapter is manufactured by PEAK.
- the adapter also comes with its own library PCANBasic.dll which works with their API, and has its own drivers
- I have been following the information online using QT to open plug ins, I am awaiting the bind folder to open this
- the arm information on the native software CPROG is in xml format (i have attached to this comment)
- I have tried to identify the COM port of the USB device, but device manager sees it as PCAN-Hardware and stores it accordingly.
- I have written a post processor and driver for this arm, it may not be correct but have something to try.

I am quite new with this discipline so please forgive me if ive been barking up the wrong tree with the previous comments.

I was just wondering if someone would be able to tell me if what i have been looking at currently is right, and also give me some pointers on where to go from here.

is the XML format applicable with robodk or would the code need to be re-written in python?

thank you in advance, i would really appreciate any guidance/comments

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