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Moving a mechanism & Position not reachable with 2 robots

Hello, my name is Fernando and I am developing my master's thesis with RoboDK to control a UR3e robot, another UR3 and an ABB IRB140 robot. 
When it comes to run the cell I have a couple of problems.
First, there is a robot that takes some pieces from a rotary table that I have created as a mechanism. However, I don't know how to move the pieces (the blue and green ones) that are on the table to rotate with it. I attach a picture of the table.


Another problem I have is that when I add a second robot, and configure the targets in the desired positions, when I run a program to move between these targets I get an error saying that the position is not reachable. However, I can move between those targets if I click on them, so I don't understand why I get that error.

I attach the RoboDK file in case someone needs to see it in depth.

Thanks in advance,

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.rdk   Cell TFM Fernando.rdk (Size: 2.46 MB / Downloads: 420)

For your first question, you have to add a reference frame in your mechanism and drop the object on it. 
For your second question, you program is linked to the UR robot, but instructions are for the ABB one. So you just right click on the program, click on Robot, and then change the robot.

I fixed both in the station below.

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.rdk   Cell TFM Fernando.rdk (Size: 2.46 MB / Downloads: 369)

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