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Multiple Errors when importing .ls from Roboguide

Hi there,

I got an .rgx which I opened in Roboguide and exported all programs as .ls-files. Unfortunately, I get multiple errors when trying to import them into RoboDK. I was told they work fine in Roboguide and even on the real robot.

1. Failed to get joints; does this mean I need to adjust any coordinates?

Error: Failed to get joints for target using programmed configuration/turn flags (line 199):
P16] {

2. Everytime there is a letter like J at the start of a line it seems to throw an error:

Error: Failed to import target instruction from line 176:
J PR[21:Akt. Abl. Pos] 50% CNT 100 Offset,PR[98:OFFSET] Tool_Offset,PR[99:TOOL OFFSET] ;

3. Any subprogram with parameters in brackets cant be found. The files exists just not with the brackets.

Warning: Subprogram PR(98,0,0,0,0,0,0).LS does not exist. This program should be downloaded from the robot and placed in the programs folder:

Im quite fresh to this topic so Id appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance
I also get this error:

4. Warning: Unknown UF 0. Rename a reference frame accordingly to establish a link with the station.

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