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Multiple devices talking to Yaskawa Motoman HSE


We have multiple applications on one pc using the same udp port for motoman HSE control. Sometimes when we send a message to receive information about the robot state, say a 0x75, and happen to command robodk at the same time we seem to get into an error state. I'm wondering if in robodk I can set the "Request ID" in the motoman HSE header to distinguish it's UDP packets from another application?

Thank you for your help,
Austin Moore
yes, I the request id part of the packet is still ignored by the driver and 0 for outbound packets at this time, I would like to get around to fixing it but I don't currently have a motoman robot handy, your free to modify the source code of the driver to do so but the change is non trivial and doesn't stop the driver from working on it's own hence why it's still not implemented

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