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Multiple tools but one not attached to flange


I am currently working on an application that uses a vacuum gripper to grab a part and then brings it to a deburring machine. (I'm using an ATI deburring tool for simulation of this event but in reality would be a larger machine). I'm struggling to have the path followed on the part (following on TCP of vacuum gripper) because in the curve follow project settings it won't allow me to choose the ATI deburring tool as the tool because it is not attached to the UR as a tool. Any suggestions? 

I've attached the rdk station.

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.rdk   PickPlace_AV.rdk (Size: 6.65 MB / Downloads: 283)
When making a remote TCP curve follow project, make sure the curve object is mounted on the robot as a TCP.
See the following example as well as the modified RDK station you sent.

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.rdk   Remote-TCP-FANUC-Windshield.rdk (Size: 695.99 KB / Downloads: 224)
.rdk   PickPlace_AV.rdk (Size: 6.65 MB / Downloads: 267)

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